The Children's Closet Sale 

South Coast's Premier Children's Consignment Sale

What forms of payment to you accept?

Currently we take cash and all major credit cards.  Checks are on longer accepted.

Can I use items that were tagged from another sale?

Yes, be sure to let me know your ID # is from the other sale and you can use the same number for this sale.  If you need to add more tags please follow the tagging instructions under the Consignor Infomation Page.

Do I need to stay with my items during the sale?

No, you will drop your items off during the designated drop of times and we will sort through all the items and group them by size and gender and by item type.  At the end of the sale we sort all the items by your consignor ID# and they will be ready for you during the designated pick up time.

What type of clothing will be available during each sale?

During the Fall/Winter sales we will only take Fall and Winter clothing such as pants, sweaters, winter jackets, etc.

Spring/Summer sales will have clothing such as shorts, swim suits, light jackets, pants etc.


Does all my clothing need to be on hangers?

Some small infant items such as onesies, bibs and booties and be placed in plastic zip-loc bags with the price tags placed on the outside of the bag.

Pants and all other clothing must be on a hanger.  If you do not have pant hangers please see the photo below.



Are all items 1/2 off during the half off sale?

No, only items that are marked 1/2 off will be 1/2 off during the sale.

Why do you close before the 1/2 off sale?

Need need time to set up prior to the sale so it is nessary to clear the sales floor and close the doors.  Items will be cleared out of the hold area and put back on the salesfloor.  This is the only way that we can be fair to both the consignors and to the shoppers.

Do you have a store year round?

No we rent a hall for 3-4 days to set up for each sale.